IDP Smart 51 Encoding Setup in PremiSys ID or PremiSys

IDP Smart 51 Encoding Setup

The traditional encoding that we normally use in the PremiSys software does NOT work with the IDP Smart 51 printer, instead you need to use a compound label to setup the encoding. This can be done on either the front or back of the card whichever you prefer. This was discovered in PremiSys 3.2.121 and prior. This issue is due to be fixed in the next release of PremiSys.

By default each track has a start sentinel of a pipe. | plus track number and endind with a end sentinel of a pipe | as seen below with the card number 12345 as the data:

Track 1: |1[data]| example: |112345|

Track 2: |2[data]| example: |212345|

Track 3: |3[data]| example: |312345|

Here is how a compound label would look in PremiSys.

|2[EmployeeID]| This string includes start sentinel,2 for track two, EmployeeID field, end sentinel

The start and end sentinel can be changed in the printer driver under;

Printer properties-> Advanced-> Printing Defaults->Encoding->Advanced

As well as;

Printer properties-> Printing Defaults->Encoding->Advanced

So if you try to setup encoding using the default setup and it doesn’t work browse to the above location to verify the start and end are setup for a pipe start and end sentinel.

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