Aperio™ Wireless Lock Technology

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Aperio™ Wireless Lock Technology

Aperio offers the same real-time communication as traditional access control without the inconvenience of wiring the door. Aperio technology is a global wireless platform that reduces the cost and inconvenience of traditional access control – without the hassle of complex site surveys. It utilizes local wireless communication between the lock and a communications hub to connect to an online electronic access control system. This offers facilities an easy, affordable way to expand the reach of existing access control systems and secure additional openings.


  • Utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication between the lock and an Aperio hub that is connected to the electronic access control system
  • Real-time communication to the access control system for greater security and control
  • Real-time door status monitoring
  • Advanced data security with standard encryption techniques
  • AES 128-bit encryption
  • Global wireless platform that addresses a wide range of applications and security requirements
  • Supports HID® 125 kHz proximity or 13.56 MHz iCLASS® (full authentication, all formats) credentials

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