LP1501 - POE One Door Reader Series 3 Controller Support

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LP 1501 - POE One Door Reader Series 3 Controller Support-  

EP 1501 Series 3 Install Manual -  Click for Download

EP 1501 Series 3 Cut Sheet - Click for Download

EP1501 Closeup Image - Click to Open

IDenticard Part Number:  PREM-CTLR1POE-LP

*** Please Note if you are using this or any other Series 3 Controller, PremiSys 3.2.121 or older version you will turn on DIP Switch 4. You will select the EP1501 within PremiSys when adding the controller. ***

Turning ON Dip switch 4 makes the LP1501 report and function like the EP1501.

Support for the Series 3 controllers will be released in PremiSys Version 4.

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