How to FDR Schlage Control Lock

Updated 2 years ago by Marty

How to FDR Schlage Control Lock (Smart Deadbolt)

Factory Default Reset 

 A Factory Default Reset (FDR) returns the lock to the original settings as shipped from the factory. This removes configurations, databases, and requires the lock to be re-captured. The FDR process does not remove the lock from your ENGAGE account. 
  1. Disconnect the batteries for at least ten (10) seconds.
  2. Reconnect the batteries.
  3. Wait for the lock to beep and flash three (3) times
  4. Within ten (10) seconds, rotate the interior tail piece back and forth two (2) times
  5. The lock will flash one (1) long green flash and beep one (1) long beep to indicate the process was successful.

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