How to setup Mustering and Reporting PremiSys

Mustering is an option feature in PremiSys, configured as a special type of Access Area. You'll find a checkbox option in the "Access Area" setup window when the feature is licensed, see Figure 2 below.

First purchase a Mustering license and activate it under

"Help" > "License Upgrade." This is a manual activation process. At

the PremiSys server machine, open the License Management window shown in

Figure 1 and call technical support.

Figure 1

Access Areas are created in "Hardware Configuration" task. For

muster reports, Access Area(s) are created for the place(s) considered

the safe zone. It could be that there are OUT readers cardholders use

when they exit a building. In this case, "Out of the Building" area is

checked for Muster, see Figure 2, and each "inside building" access

area is left unchecked for Muster. Or, the facility has multiple muster

stations positioned around a campus, and those safe zone areas are

checked for muster (West Muster station, East Muster station). You need

to create at least one access area not marked as a muster area. In this example, "inside building" access area was left unchecked for muster.

Figure 2

To configure a reader to function

as a muster reader, go to the door setup window in the "Hardware

Configuration" task. Under Antipassback tab as shown in Figure 3,

select your muster access area in the drop-down menu for "Area To." ("Area In" is optional, if there are no OUT readers, all reader/doors that enter into the building are set to "Area To: In the Building").

Figure 3

When you are ready to run a Muster Report, go to "Tasks"

pull-down menu > "Report Generation" > Transactions" report type.

Run a Muster Report shown in Figure 4 and the results list all

cardholders (one line per cardholder), along with the last access area

their card was used and when. "True" under the "In Muster Area" column

signifies that this access area is marked/checked for "Muster" (your

safe) area(s).

Figure 4

The report can be filtered by site and whether the

cardholder's last access area used was "In Muster Area" or not (Value1 =

True or False), see Figure 5. For larger systems, "Site Name" helps

filter by physical location as long as there are multiple sites

configured in the site tree. 

Figure 5

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