Pulse a Secondary Relay for a Door Opener.

Pulse a Secondary Relay for a Door Opener.

I have a reader connected to the panel and I need to pulse a secondary relay for a door opener. Using this configuration the relay will pulse immediately when the card is presented.

There are different approaches in how to achieve this, we are going to setup a trigger and procedure to fire a secondary relay (control point)

1. We need to setup the door for Log Early in the door control. Login to PremiSys - Click Tasks - Hardware Configuration.

2. Go to Doors folder under the controller. Right-Click and Edit the door you would like to modify.

3. Click the Control Tab - Check the box for Log Early. Close the Door window.

4. Click on control points under your controller. Right Click and select Add Control Point.

5. Name your Control Point. Select the Output. In this example I am using Relay 4 (K4)

6. Now you have to create the trigger and procedure. Click the Globals Tab at the top of the Hardware configuration window.

7. Right Click the Trigger(s) folder and select Add Trigger. Make sure to name your trigger.

Time Zone: Select a time zone during which the card presentation should trigger the control point to energize. (In most cases this is always active or 24/7)

Source Type: Door/ Elevator/ Rack

Source Item: (Your Door)

Transaction Type: Card Using Card No. Only

Transaction Codes: Access Granted: Granting

8. Click Next, Create a new Procedure by clicking the + sign on the right-hand side. Name the Procedure the same name as the trigger.

9. Click the + sign in the Select Action Group(s) section of the window. Name your Action Group the same name as the trigger and procedure names.

10. Click the + sign in the Select Action(s) section. Name your Action.

Action Type: Control Point

Point Selection (Your Control Point)

Action Configuration: Set for what you need. In my example I am using a Single Pulse for 5 seconds.

11. Click Finish, and Click Finish again in the Trigger Wizard window to save your selections and close the window.

12. Download your PremiSys system.   The trigger and procedure is enabled and the next time the transaction you selected as the trigger occurs, during the specified time zone, the selected action(s) will execute.

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