How to Setup a Scheduled Backup

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Setting Up A Scheduled Backup

  1. To schedule a regular backup, click on Tasks > Scheduler
  2. Click Add in the Scheduler Tasks window.
  3. Select Backups and then click Next.
  4. Make sure to check “Backup Photos & Signatures” and “Back Up Transactions” that the checkboxes are checked if you want to backup these items. Then name your backup task. The description is optional. Click Next.
  1. In the next window, you can set how frequently the backup is run by setting the following four parameters
    1. Schedule By
      1. This allows you to select if the task happens once or every day, year, month etc.
    2. Run this task
      1. Depending on what you selected previously, this will allow you to select if it runs every 1 or 2 years, months, days, mins etc.
    3. Third Section
      1. This section will change its name from On to Day to Time etc depending on your previous selection in Schedule By.
      2. For example, If you selected Month in the Schedule By, then the third section will ask on which day each month will you want to run this task. It will also provide other options as well.
    4. Task starts at:
      1. This will allow you to set when the task starts.
      2. After selecting this and all the other parameters, click Next.
  1. In the Next Window, you will be given the option to skip the backup on the selected intervals.
    1. This is set by selecting the beginning interval in the From field and the ending interval in the To field.
    2. Then Click Next.
  2. Review your selections and then Click Finish when you are done.
  3. Click Save in the Scheduler Tasks window after clicking Finish. Without doing so, the backup will not run.
  4. Once the scheduled backup is complete, it will run and save the backup file here: C:\ProgramData\IDenticard\ServerCache\Backups

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