PremiSys ID Tutorials / Training Videos

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Getting Started 

View a fully customized PremiSysID system in use
Print out a copy of this reference guide:
Operator Tips for Getting Started with Your PremiSysID Pro System

Basic Operation - Managing Cardholders and Running Reports 

Adding a new cardholder
Changing the navigator view
Searching for cardholders
Running cardholder reports

Badge Design

Creating a new card design with a picture box (for a cardholder's photo)
Adding a compound label to a card design 
Adding images and bitmap logic to a card design 
Adding a field and static text to a card design 
Placing a barcode onto a card design 
Configuring data encoding and linking front and back card designs

 Badge Printing

Using Batch Printing

Data Entry Screen Design 

Creating a data entry screen and adding fields
Adding a photo box, static image, and formatting a date-time field
Creating and populating a custom drop-down menu
Adding bitmap logic
Adding static text (a label) to the screen design
Configuring badge logic
Applying badge logic to the screen 

Security Administration - Managing Login Accounts

 Adding a new security group 
Adding users and time periods 
Adding LDAP users and cardholder filters

Advanced Administrator Functions 

Configuring auto-sequencing fields and date-time fields
Configuring details view of the Navigator wizard
Using the data import utility 
Setting up scheduled data imports and scheduled backups 
Configuring thumbnail views of cardholder images and a fileshare
Running system user journal reports for an audit trail 
Creating custom fields and viewing the Help File
Using the data backup and restore utility

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