How to Setup RSI Gateway

How to Setup RSI Gateway.

If you need to setup an IP Gateway follow this link .  How to Setup an IP Gateway
If you need to setup NDE/LE lock to connect directly to Premisys via WiFi follow this link.  How to Setup WiFi NDE/LE Lock  
If you want to find out more about  NDE/LE connectivity options.

  1. 1. Factory reset the gateway by pushing the reset button on the back of the gateway until the led in the front blinks green.
  2. 2. After sometime the gateway LED will turn red, this shows the gateway is FDR’d and ready to be commissioned.
  3. 3. Log back into the engage under your site and click the plus symbol in the top right corner.
  4. 4. Select gateway and search, once found select the appropriate gateway and the red LED should turn to a flashing blue. Click yes on screen to verify the gateway is blinking.
  5. 5. Name the gateway appropriately and click next in the top right corner.
  6. 6. Make sure RSI is selected and click under the RSI 485 Address and assign it the address you will also give in Premisys.
  7. 7. For the low door this will be the first gateway reader used in the software for first door.
  8. 8. For the High Door this will be the last gateway reader that can be used for an NDE door in the software.
  9. 9. After setting all of that up click the Save button in the top right corner.
  10. 10. Before adding the gateway to the software we want to first make sure it is on the most recent firmware.
  11. 11. Select update firmware in the connection screen to initiate the firmware upgrade.
  12. You will now be prompted to select the gateways connection in your PHONE'S wifi settings and just simply paste the password as it has been copied for you.
  13. Exit the Engage app and go to your phone settings and into the wifi settings.
  14. Select the network with the gateways name and paste the password into the box and hit join. NOTE: YOU MAY HAVE TO TURN YOUR WIFI ON AND OFF AGAIN A FEW TIMES FOR THE NETWORK TO SHOW UP.
  15. Return to the Engage app and hit the send button which will initiate the firmware upgrade.
  16. You will then see a downloading firmware message and the gateway’s LED will blink amber.
  17. Once the download is complete the gateway’s LED will return to a solid blue light and you are ready to add the gateway to the software.

Configuring RSI Gateway in Premisys

Adding & Linking an NDE/LE RSI Door in PremiSys

(See diagram below for wiring)

  1. First setup the wiring for the gateway to the IP/POE Controller.
  2. Once the wiring is complete and the gateway is connected you can now add it in PremiSys
  3. Right click on the I/O  boards folder under the IP/POE Controller and select add.
  4. Under I/o Type select Engage Gateway and name it appropriately.
  5. If using an IP Controller you need to make sure you have the right MSP port on the board that is being used. MSP port 1 in the software represents MSP port 2 on the IP Controller and MSP port 2 in the software represents MSP port 3 on the IP Controller.
  6. Address the gateway with the same address that was selected previously in the Engage app.
  7. Once complete select the OK button.
  8. Now that the gateway is added you must download to the Controller in order to initiate communication.
  9. Open Monitor/Control Hardware and verify the gateway is Online by selecting it in the site tree.
  10. Log into the engage app and select the plus symbol in the top right corner
  11. Select NDE or LE Lock and you will be prompted to turn the inside handle of the lock you are trying to commission
  12. Once the lock is found you can select it, if the correct lock is selected the LED will flash red and you will be prompted to verify the flashing in the app by clicking yes.
  13. Name the lock accordingly and click next.
  14. Turn of the wifi option by clicking the wifi button in the app shown below then click save.
  15. Repeat steps 13-18 to update the firmware and the lock will beep 2 times when the firmware update is complete.
  16. Now it’s time to add the door in PremiSys.
  17. Right click on the door folder under the IP/POE Controller you wish to add the door to and click  add.
  18. Give the door the appropriate name and description.
  19. Select the reader you wish to use from the Reader drop down.
  20. Click the Door tab and change any settings you would like.
  21. 12. Click the Card Format tab and select the appropriate format that is being used.
  22. 13. Click Ok to add the door.
  23. Now that the door is created it needs to be downloaded to the controller so send a download to the controller that is being used.
  24. Once downloaded it is now time to link.
  25. Right click on the door that was created and select link this will display instructions for linking the door.
  26. Hold the inside Handle down and swipe any card and once the LED on the lock begins to flash red and green release.
  27. When the lock is linked correctly the LED will blink green and it will beep 4 times.
  28. Once you hear the beeps you can click end and the door should be linked.

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