How to setup IP Gateway

Gateway IP Setup

  1. Factory reset the gateway by pushing the reset button on the back of the gateway until the led in the front blinks green
  1. After sometime the gateway LED will turn red, this shows the gateway is FDR’d and ready to be commissioned.
  2. Log into the engage up under your site and click the plus symbol in the top right corner.
  3. Select gateway and search, once found select the appropriate gateway and the red LED should turn to a flashing blue. Click yes on screen to verify the gateway is blinking.
  4. Name the gateway appropriately and click next in the top right corner.
  5. Make sure IP is selected and select either static IP and enter the IP information or DHCP if you are having the network assign an IP address.
  1. After setting all of that up click the Save button in the top right corner.
  2. Before adding the gateway to the software we want to first make sure it is on the most recent firmware.
  3. Select update firmware in the connection screen
  4. You will now be prompted to select the gateways connection in you DEVICE’S wifi settings and just simply paste the password as it has been copied for you.
  5. Exit the app and go to your settings and into the wifi settings.
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  1. Select the network with the gateways name and paste the password into the password box and hit join. NOTE: YOU MAY HAVE TO TURN YOUR WIFI ON AND OFF AGAIN A FEW TIMES FOR THE NETWORK TO SHOW UP.
  2. Return to the app and hit the send button which will initiate the firmware upgrade.
  3. You will then see a downloading firmware message and the gateway’s LED will blink amber
  4. Once the download is complete the gateway’s LED will return to a solid blue light and you are ready to add the gateway to the software.

Configuring IP Gateway in Premisys

  1. Now it’s time to add the IP gateway to premisys
  2. Under Hardware Configuration click on the Engage Hardware tab
  1. Right click on the gateway folder and select add a gateway
  2. Name the gateway appropriately and set the correct time zone.
  3. Enter the IP address you assigned to the gateway in the IP address box and click Authenticate.
  1. NOTE: If you used DHCP and don’t know the IP address you can find it by connecting to the gateway in the engage app selecting Configuration then advanced and scrolling down under IP interface you will see the IP address assigned.
  1. Once you hit authenticate another box will pop up hit scan and a list of available gateways will show in the box. Or you can simply click authenticate if you know you have the IP address correctly.  
  1. If authenticated correctly you will receive a message from premisys stating the Authentication Success as show below.  
  1. If you do not see your gateway you can verify if it is working correctly by browsing to its IP address in the web (https://X.X.X.X). If it is online you will see the splash page shown below.

Adding a NDE Door in Premisys

  1. Now it is time to add the door in the Engage App.
  2. Log into the engage app and select the plus symbol in the top right corner
  3. Select NDE Lock and you will be prompted to turn the inside handle of the lock you are trying to commission
  4. Once the lock is found you can select it, if the correct lock is selected the LED will flash red and you will be prompted to verify the flashing in the app by clicking yes.
  5. Name the lock accordingly and click next.
  6. Turn off the wifi option by clicking the wifi button in the app shown below then click save.
  1. Repeat steps 9-13 to update the firmware and the lock will beep 2 times when the firmware update is complete.
  2. Now it’s time to add the door in Premisys.
  3. Right click on the (Online) Doors folder under the Gateway and click add.
  1. Once selected a window will popup and scan for the available doors, if this does not happen simply hit the scan button at the top right.
  1. Name the door appropriately and setup any other desired settings on the Door Settings tab.
  1. Click the Card Format tab and select the appropriate format that is being used.
  2. Click the Access Group tab to add the door to the appropriate Access Group.
  3. Click Ok to add the door.
  4. If the linking process completed correctly the door will beep 4 times.
  5. Once downloaded it is now time to check and make sure it is working correctly.
  6. Navigate to Monitor and Control and view the Monitor Transactions window.
  7. If the Door is linked correctly you should see the ALL of the following transactions.
  1. If have the installation and access correctly you should now have access to that door.  

You have successfully completed the installation and setup of the IP LOCK! If you have any questions or issues please call Tech Support at 800.233.0298

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