How to edit the Drop Down Box on the Screen.

Updated 2 years ago by Marty

How to edit the Drop Down Box on the Screen

I want to add a new Department into drop down box on the screen design.

1. Go to Tools > Data > Data Management.

2. Click and highlight on the field you wish to edit, then click Populate.  

3. Click the + to add a row where you enter a new selection. Or, find the row you wish to edit, then double click on that row to drop the cursor on the row and edit. (You can also delete a row by selecting that row and clicking the red X to delete.)

4. When finished hit OK.

5. Close the Tables window.

6. If you had a record open when editing the drop down box, click the Save button to refresh the page and the drop down box.

You should now see the additional selection in your drop down box.

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