PremiSys v4.2 Upgrade FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Upgrading PremiSys™ Software to Version 4.2

Q. Where can I download PremiSys v4.2?

A. You should complete this form

to request the PremiSys v4.2 download link, and you will receive instructions and a link to download the software upgrade within one business day. If you need assistance, call IDenticard® technical support at 800-220-8096.

Q. Where can I find my IDenticard account number?

A. Your account number is listed on previous order acknowledgements and invoices. If there is more than one account number, use the one listed as “Sold to.”

Q. Will this change the default username and password that I use to log into my PremiSys software?

A. No, this release removes the hardcoded username and password that is used only for our internal services and replaces it with a unique system-generated password for each session. It is always recommended that you change the default username and password.

Q. Why do I need to perform a system backup prior to upgrading?

A. Whenever upgrading any software, it is always a best practice to have a full system backup in the event you encounter problems during the upgrade.

Q. What is an SA username for SQL?

A. This is SQL’s root sys admin username. If you don’t know the username, contact your organization’s SQL system administrator.

Q. How can we get assistance with the upgrade?

A. If you are an IDenticard Access Control systems integrator partner or PremiSys ID direct customer, please call IDenticard tech support at 800-220-8096. For end-users of PremiSys access control, please contact your local IDenticard systems integrator partner.

Q. When will patches be available for the other vulnerabilities that were identified in the Tenable report?

A. Refer to our communication here.

Q. What are the recommended best practices for protecting my backup files?

A. Recommendations include:   1) Keep a current version of your backup files by performing regularly scheduled backups.   2) Backup your files before running a software update.   3) Store your files in an external location, such as an external hard drive or the cloud.   4) Control who has access to your files.   5) Encrypt your hard drive.

Q. I already upgraded to PremiSys v4.1. Do I need to install v4.2?

A. Yes. PremiSys v4.2 provides all currently-released patches and resolves the following vulnerabilities in your PremiSys system: CVE-2019-3906, CVE-2019-3907 & CVE-2019-3908.

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