How to FDR RU/RM Exit Device

How to FDR RU/RM Exit Device.

  1. Press and hold the FDR button for five seconds. The RU/RM device will respond with two green LED blinks and two beeps.
  2. Push the RU/RM device push pad three times within 20 seconds. The LED will blink red and the RU/RM device will beep with each push indicating success.
  3. The device will respond with three green LED blinks and beeps when the FDR process is complete.
  4. Reinstall battery cover. You must now use the ENGAGE mobile app to again capture the RU/RM device. • Push the push pad. The RU/RM will communicate, via BLE, looking for your mobile RU/RM device for two minutes after each push when in FDR mode.

To verify if the RU/RM device is in Factory Default Reset mode (FDR), press the push pad. The device will indicate FDR mode is active with a beep. If the RU/RM is not beeping with a push pad push, a Factory Default Reset (FDR) will need to be performed again.

A Factory Default Reset (FDR) will return the RU/RM device settings to the original factory settings. A FDR removes configurations and schedules from the RU/RM device. A FDR will not remove the device from your ENGAGE account. The RU/RM device must be intentionally deleted from a site after completing a FDR. If you wish to move the RU/RM device to a different ENGAGE site, you must login to the desired site and recommission the RU/RM device after completing the FDR process and removing the RU/RM device from the site.

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