How to FDR a Schlage Gateway

Updated 2 years ago by Marty

Gateway Factory Default Reset (FDR)

  1. Press and hold the FDR button.
    Hold the button until the Gateway Status LED flashes green two times and remains solid. After the indicator flashes twice, you may release the FDR button.
  2. Wait for the Gateway to complete FDR.
    After starting the FDR process the Gateway indicator will be solid green for a moment and reboot. The reboot process can take a few minutes. During the boot process the Gateway indicator will be solid amber. The Gateway will be in a factory default state when the indicator is solid red.
A Factory Default Reset (FDR) will return the ENGAGE Gateway settings to the original settings as shipped from the factory. A FDR removes configurations, databases, and requires the device to be recommissioned. A FDR will not remove the device from your ENGAGE account. If you wish to move the Gateway to a different ENGAGE site, you must also login to the other site and recommission after completing a FDR on the Gateway and deleting it from the previous site.

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