ENGAGE Site Generation for PremiSys

ENGAGE Site Generation

For an NDE lock to communicate with a PremiSys system, both PremiSys and the lock must be configured with the same site key. This site key is created on the PremiSys system and is pushed to the customer’s ENGAGE account. From here the site key is pushed to the lock during the commissioning process done with the ENGAGE mobile app.


● User must have the Security Administrator role
● Must be on the computer where the Premisys service is running
● NDE must be licenced
● The computer must have internet access

Process for generation

1. Create partner type ENGAGE account
   a. Go to https://portal.allegionengage.com/signin 
   b. Complete the form to create a partner type ENGAGE account.

2. Generate site using the NDE Site Generation tool in PremiSys
   a. Open the NDE Site Generation dialog from the Tools menu. The dialog will also automatically open when NDE is licensed.
   b. Enter the credentials for the ENGAGE account created in step 1.
   c. Click the Generate button
   d. A success message box should be shown with the name of the ENGAGE site that was generated.

3. NDE locks can now be commissioned to the generated ENGAGE site using the ENGAGE mobile app.

Process for deletion/replacement

1. The user should contact tech support.
2. Tech support should confirm that the customer understands that they will need to recommission all of the locks in their system after replacing the site.To delete the site information from the PremiSys database, the row containing the site’s details must be deleted from the NdeSiteDetail table.
   a. SQL to perform this: DELETE FROM PremiSys.dbo.NdeSiteDetail

4. Using the NDE Site Generation tool, accessed from the tools menu in PremiSys, generate a new PremiSys-managed ENGAGE site.
   a. Note: The site can now be deleted via the engage app. h

5. The user must now recommission all of the locks in the system. For each lock:
   a. Note that the lock does NOT need to be deleted or reconfigured in any way in PremiSys.
   b. Delete the lock from the old PremiSys-managed ENGAGE site.
        i. IOS: In the “Devices” tab, swipe left on the lock to delete it from the site.
   c. Factory default reset (FDR) the lock.
   d. Commission the lock to the new PremiSys-managed ENGAGE site.
   e. Perform a manual “Update from Server” to confirm the new WiFi and server settings and to retrieve lock settings,                   schedules, and card information from PremiSys. 


● The ENGAGE account MUST be a “partner” type account in order for PremiSys to make the necessary API calls to create a site.
       ○ To view the name of the PremiSys-managed ENGAGE site configured in PremiSys, open the NDE Site Generation tool from the tools menu.
       ○ To change the current site in the app, either log out then back in, or use the “Change Site” option in the “My Account” tab.

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