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PremiSys™ LT
PremiSys™ Pro

Version 3.2


Refer to this ReadMe for important information concerning installation and use of your software, which may include up-to-the-minute Help instructions and application alerts. Resolved software issues and new known issues are listed here as well. IDenticard Systems strongly recommends that you read these notes in their entirety before using this software. 

System Requirements

Please visit the following link for server and client computer requirements:

PremiSys Version 3.2 is compatible with 64-bit versions of supported Windows® operating systems, except 64-bit Windows XP®. The database installed with PremiSys is Microsoft® SQL Server®; 2014 Express - if the operating system is 32-bit the 32-bit version of SQL Server is installed; if the operating system is 64-bit, the 64-bit version of SQL Server is installed. 


Important:  If you are using PremiSys™ Mobile, the mobile application for PremiSys and PremiSys Pro, you must open the Security Administration task and assign the new roles for "Manage Mobile Devices", "Mobile" and "Allow Mobile Client Access" to the user groups that can benefit from this new feature. The System Administration group (or the group created in your system to replace the System Administration group) must ALWAYS be given these new roles. For more information, see "Editing User Group Roles" and "Configuring Alarm Acknowledgements" in the Online Help file.

Important:  If you are upgrading from a version before 2.16 and have the Salient® or Milestone® video-plugin installed, you will need to re-install the corresponding video-plugin included in the new installation

Important:  If PremiSys-ENGAGE site is not created at time of initial licensing of NDE Lock(s), operator can use the NDE Site Generation option found in Tools menu

Important:  NDE Locks and Schlage Controls do not support Areas and thus cannot be used with the Muster Report feature. An "access granted" transaction from an NDE Lock or Schlage Control WILL NOT reflect a change of location for a cardholder on the Muster Report.

Important:  A maximum of 100 ENGAGE Gateways should be added to a single PremiSys-ENGAGE Site in order to maintain performance of the client application.

Important:  When restoring an IDBAK which contains ENGAGE Gateway devices, the IDenticard Windows Service should be manually restarted in order to re-establish proper communication with all Gateway devices.

Important:  Deactivation dates are required for cards being used with Resident Manager. Commands cannot be written to card (using an MT20W) unless a deactivation date has been assigned to the card.

Important:  When updating ENGAGE device firmware for Online locks, make sure to update gateway firmware to the latest version before updating locks. Gateways and locks must have ENGAGE 5 or higher firmware in order to push new firmware from PremiSys. When updating ENGAGE lock firmware for offline locks, current firmware must be ENGAGE 5 or higher. If you have ENGAGE devices which do not meet these requirements, you must use the ENGAGE Mobile Application to update firmware.

Known Issues

  • Help file is not updated to include new or updated features.
  • When upgrading clients, the auto-client update feature cannot install versions of .NET Framework. If an upgrade requires a newer version of .NET Framework then that Framework version will need to be installed before using auto-client update OR the upgrade must be run manually using PremiSys installation files.
  • When logging in after certain plugins are installed on the server a DirectX installation may appear. If the logged in user does not have permissions to install software the DirectX install will fail.
  • An Acknowledging Alarm window that is clicked to close while PremiSys is downloading the video clip does not respond by closing. (reference: 655)
  • When Exacq PTZ-camera video is exported, the resulting file is empty. (reference: 363)
  • Transaction filtering options do not allow the user to filter Rack objects (reference: 63886)
  • Hardware permissions do not apply to Transaction History reports when running a report using an archive file (reference: 67804)
  • Use of the latest Exacq plugin with an exacqVision™ 5.x server may display incorrect camera status in PremiSys
  • The “Unused Active Cards” dashboard widget is limited to display a maximum of 1000 cards in the table-view.
  • A User Logoff transaction will not be generated for a client which is logged off due to a network connection or client-PC issue until the client logs back in.
  • Though IE8 is not a supported browser for use with PremiSys, if you must use it you may notice significant performance issues when using the Dashboard feature set.
  • When using the Dashboard feature from a web-browser, using the browser’s refresh feature requires the user to log in again.
  • Dashboard feature may not work correctly when using Compatibility Mode in versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Mobile users will need to exit and restart their application after a new lookup field is made available to mobile users or when new lookup values are added to a lookup field which has already been made available to mobile users.
  • Use of certain special characters when entering data on a mobile device may result in a Cardholder not displaying correctly in Navigator. (reference: D-01472)
  • User log-on and log-off transactions are not visible in Monitor/Control unless/until at least one Controller has been configured. (reference: D-01618)
  • Scanning of Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes using the mobile application is only supported on iOS devices and only with iOS version 8 or higher
  • NDE Lock Transactions display in PremiSys mobile with a, red question mark, icon. (reference: S-02297)
  • One-time-use cards can be used again after an NDE Lock "phones home" and receives a configuration change or card update. (reference: D-01889)
  • Application Server requires internet access when creating PremiSys NDE Site
  • After upgrading to 2.16b, mobile devices may fail to connect if .NET Framework is not patched. See for details.
  • If using NDE Locks with Windows Server 2008 32-bit, you must apply a hotfix from Microsoft for IIS. See for details. (reference: D-01902)
  • Specific properties for LE locks are not present on the ENGAGE Door Report (reference: S-03385)
  • When upgrading PremiSys, the default port number for TCP port for HTTPS bindings is reset to 443 in IIS. (reference: D-02333)
  • New install may fail when installing SQL 2014 Express (reference: D-02496)
  • Hardware changes made using a Resident Manager mobile application are not journaled in the hardware journal(s)

Version History

PremiSys 3.2May 14, 2018
New Features
  • Added a user role to limit which users can manage Badge Types in Card Configuration area of Screen Designs
  • Added select-all/unselect-all to all checked list boxes in options dialog for Transaction List and Alarm Acknowledgement windows
  • Added API support lockout/lockdown features
  • Added Job Title as a searchable and reportable field in the Transaction History Report
  • Added diagnostic information for ENGAGE Offline locks
  • Added fields to existing ENGAGE Lock Report
  • Added ENGAGE Lock Summary Report
  • Added ability to find/filter the list of Action Groups in Trigger/Procedure Wizard
  • Added Double-card feature
  • Enhanced Quick Search feature for Cardholders and added Quick Search for hardware
  • Support ENGAGE RU RM as WiFi (Offline) or BLE (Online) devices
  • Added support for Interior Push Button (IPB) when using Schlage AD series locks
  • Expanded ENGAGE Firmware update feature to support all WiFi lock types, gateways and locks connected via IP Gateways
    • Please see notes section above for important information before using this feature.
  • Improved user interface for discovering ENGAGE offline locks
  • Added support for monitoring status of ENGAGE online locks
  • Added support for SQL 2016
  • Implemented notification to user when non-compliant hardware is detected
Resolved Issues
  • When saving a new cardholder with a card, the Primary and Active flags do not save correctly. (reference:  D-02523)
  • Changes made to lookup values are lost after an import is performed (related to D-02512 from 3.0 SP4) (reference:  D-02515)
  • Saving a cardholder fails when using a date-time stamp and Migration ID (related to D-02514 from 3.0 SP4) (reference:  D-02516)
  • Hardware journal incorrectly identified all doors as being modified when adding one door to a door group (reference:  D-02427)
  • ENGAGE Gateway could continue to be polled even after it was deleted from PremiSys (reference:  D-02510)
  • Card printing was initiated by clicking dropbox without making a selection (reference:  D-02393)
  • Transaction time may report using GMT time while a controller is offline (reference:  D-02529)

PremiSys 3.1 SP1March 8, 2018
Resolved Issues
  • Cards being saved with a new cardholder do not save Active and Primary flags properly (reference:  D-02522)
  • Saving a cardholder may fail when using MigrationID and Date-Time stamp (reference:  D-02524)
  • Changes to lookup values may be overwritten when importing data. (reference:  D-02525)

PremiSys 3.1February 5, 2018
New Features
  • Added support for Resident Manager mobile application into PremiSys
    • Manage entire property from a single database
    • Manage resident information and assign access rights
    • Connect and manage property doors
    • Manage multiple properties from a single interface
    • Download activity from locks to generate audit report
  • Implemented a drop-in architecture for card formats so that new formats can be added without requiring a new version of PremiSys
  • Increased the number of days that ENGAGE specific data is retained in the database (for troubleshooting purposes)
Resolved Issues
  • ENGAGE Site creation dialog does not show up automatically after adding initial ENGAGE lock license(s) (reference:  D-02323)
  • When adding a card in PremiSys, the ENGAGE Site Code field is populated with 0 (zero) by default (reference:  D-02327)
  • PremiSys allows a user to enter a negative number for Site Code when adding a card (reference:  D-02329)
  • Badge Logic does not update when based on Badge Type (Description) field (reference:  D-02349)
  • Changing the value of a field designated as MigrationID twice would cause "Save Not Successful" (reference:  D-02386)
  • API Method does not save EmployeeID attribute (reference:  D-02387)
  • Incorrect license consumption when a PIM is connected to MSP Port 2 (reference:  D-02426)
  • Save error can occur when configuring a PIM Reader (reference:  D-02435)
  • Block add does not set "Is Primary" attribute (reference:  D-02454)

PremiSys 3.0 SP4February 8, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Changes made to lookup values are lost after an import is performed (reference:  D-02512)
  • Saving a cardholder fails when using a date-time stamp and Migration ID (reference:  D-02514)

PremiSys 3.0 SP3Octorber 10, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Could not change points associated with a door after adding a PIMM to the same controller (reference:  D-02423)

PremiSys 3.0 SP2September 28, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Resolved issue where Card Formats were being changed automatically as a result of new firmware on ENGAGE locks. (reference:  S-03974)
  • Badge logic would not get re-evaluated after changing some fields when editing a cardholder. (reference:  D-02412)
  • Changing the value of a field designated as the MigrationID source could result in Save Not Successful message when saving a cardholder (reference:  D-02414)

PremiSys 3.0 SP1August 25, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Services would not start properly due to a problem with licensing string truncation
  • Could not link/unlink locks to an ENGAGE Gateways with firmware 1.51.24 or higher
  • Card Formats being changed automatically as a result of new firmware on ENGAGE locks. (reference:  S-03973)

PremiSys 3.0August 7, 2017
New Features
  • Added new set of features to support lockout/lockdown of building(s).
    • Added Building objects to organize doors
    • Added Lockout/Lockdown as well as Clear actions and transactions for buildings
    • Added client UI to enable and clear Lockout/Lockdown on a building by building basis
    • Added Lockout/Lockdown as well as Clear actions as Triggers events for Alarm Triggers
    • Added Lockout/Lockdown as well as Clear actions as Triggers events for Global Triggers
    • Added Lockout/Lockdown as well as Clear actions as Action types for Global Actions/Procedures
  • Added manual actions for ENGAGE locks connected via Gateway/IP. (NOTE: Schlage Control locks ONLY support Momentary Unlock while NDE and LE locks also support Lock and Unlock)
  • Added support for Reader Sensitivity option on ENGAGE NDE and LE locks connected via WiFi or Gateway/IP.
  • Improved client startup performance, particularly on system which have a large number of items in the Access Settings Tree.
  • Improved user experience when opening Help/About such that the dialog opens immediately then begins gathering system statistics.
  • Improved performance when deleting entire nodes from the Hardware Tree.
Resolved Issues
  • Could not add Alarm notes after a total of 32,767 had been added to previous alarms. (reference:  D-02044)
  • Import tasks which include card numbers could fail (reference:  D-02322)
  • Could not add Control Points or Monitor Points after adding an RSI Gateway to a controller (reference:  D-02346)
  • Restoring an IDBAK containing a user-created lookup table resulted in an error when opening a cardholder (reference:  D-02348)
  • Upgrade install fails due to SQL script error (reference:  D-02354)
  • An error could occur in some reports when specifying large number of criteria (reference:  D-02356)
  • Restoring an IDBAK using the separate Backup/Restore application could fail with an error (reference:  D-02365)
  • Removed Offline Controller(s) link from status bar in PremiSys client application. (reference:  S-03836)

PremiSys 2.22 SP2September 26, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Card Formats being changed automatically as a result of new firmware on ENGAGE locks. (reference:  S-03974)
  • Badge logic would not get re-evaluated after changing some fields when editing a cardholder. (reference:  D-02411)
  • Changing the value of a field designated as the MigrationID source could result in Save Not Successful message when saving a cardholder (reference:  D-02413)

PremiSys 2.22 SP1August 5, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Could not link/unlink locks to an ENGAGE Gateways with firmware 1.51.24 or higher

PremiSys 2.22March 24, 2017
New Features
  • Improved performance when opening and saving a cardholder
  • Added support for 40-bit XceedID Cardtrax format when using ENGAGE locks
  • Added the ability to run a custom stored procedure when an import task is completed
  • Added support for assigning online ENGAGE locks directly to a card via the API
  • Added support for controlling ENGAGE locks from the API
  • Added support for ENGAGE LE Series Locks
  • Support for Windows Server 2016
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed the way client licenses are counted when using the Citrix client license (reference:  S-03281)
  • Fixed incorrect file extension when saving photos from mobile application (reference:  D-02277)
  • Fixed Block Add to correctly record Deactivation Date (reference:  D-02281)
  • Fixed an issue in upgrade script which could cause upgrades to fail on some systems (reference:  D-02288)
  • Fixed an issue where importing an empty string into a lookup field would not update the target data (reference:  D-02292)
  • Fixed an issue where importing a constant string into a field would prepend a leading space to the constant value (reference:  D-02296)
  • Fixed an issue which allowed more than seventeen ACRs could be added to a PoE One Door Reader Controller (reference:  D-02297)
  • Fixed an issue where data could be corrupted if a user cancelled the add lock process when using an ENGAGE Gateway (reference:  D-02302)
  • Improved performance of OEM utility when dealing with large number of controllers

PremiSys 2.21 SP1February 20, 2017
Resolved Issues
  • Upgrade fails intermittently (reference:  D-02288)

PremiSys 2.21January 6, 2017
New Features
  • Simplified data-type choices in Data Management
  • Added logging of manual actions for Control Points and Monitor Points
  • Journals are now always enabled. Data for newer Access Group and Card Journals are maintained for two years.
  • Last Access Granted now includes elevator usage
  • Improved performance of transaction handling
  • Improved performance when NDE locks retrieve an update
  • Added a new Citrix license
  • ENGAGE locks can be assigned using Block Add
  • Network Discovery allows a user to find controllers on a LAN when adding a new controller
  • Included database engine installed with a new installation is SQL 2014 Express
Resolved Issues
  • Duplicate transactions appear on the Transaction History Report (reference:  D-02255)
  • Access Group Journal entries are missing if the user does not have a Full Name defined (reference:  D-02237)
  • OK Button hidden in Advanced Photo Capture when using smaller display/resolution (reference:  D-02240)
  • Alarm Acknowledgement Report missing data if related items have been deleted (reference:  D-01882)
  • Identity One enrollment may fail when data contains spaces (reference:  D-02242)

PremiSys 2.20 SP1December 16, 2016
Resolved Issues
  • Improve resiliency in Transaction Handling (reference:  D-02265)

PremiSys 2.20December 1, 2016
New Features
  • Added Spanish language support for most end-user features. NOTE: When logging in and selecting Espanol, feature set will be limited to Monitor/Control, Navigator (Cardholder Management), Card Print Manager and limited Reports.
  • Added support for Software House® Bridge hardware
  • Added "H10313Q (HID) - Joined" card format for ENGAGE doors
Resolved Issues
  • Rack Armor manual actions fail to execute in some specific configurations (reference:  D-02114)
  • Cannot edit configuration of NDE door if all NDE licenses have been consumed (reference:  D-02142)
  • PremiSys client could fail to open when large numbers of various licenses have been added (reference:  D-02152)
  • Cannot save cardholder when Cardholder Journal is enabled (reference:  D-02175)

PremiSys 2.19July 15, 2016
New Features
  • Added support for ENGAGE Gateway using IP (direct) communication.
  • Added support for Schlage Controls using ENGAGE Gateway in IP mode
  • Added (Offline) Door Sync Report, which indicates the last time an Offline NDE Lock communicated with PremiSys
  • Added Card Function "Update From Server" that will force an (Offline) NDE Lock to call back to PremiSys to update. ( Must have 2.5 or greater firmware in NDE Lock)
Resolved Issues
  • Scheduled Tasks appear to be deleted after task execution (reference:  D-02005)
  • WSDL for Cardholder API missing (reference:  D-02020)
  • Manual activation of PremiSys could fail (reference:  D-02018)

PremiSys 2.18April 13, 2016
New Features
  • Added support for ENGAGE Gateway using RSI protocol with PremiSys controllers
  • Added support for secure communication with ENGAGE WiFi locks using ENGAGE firmware 2.06.12 and higher
  • Improved UI performance when working with collection nodes which contain large number of child objects
Resolved Issues
  • Mobile app shows incorrect status after locking a door (reference:  D-02000)

PremiSys 2.17March 14, 2016
New Features
  • NDE Card Format can now be configured per-card
  • Modified Block Update to support NDE Properties
  • PremiSys now supports Windows 10
  • Support for new Rack Armor controller
  • Added ability to update firmware on NDE Locks from PremiSys.
Resolved Issues
  • Could not open an access group if user has been denied permissions to all NDE Locks (reference:  D-01936)

PremiSys 2.16bDecember 28, 2015
New Features
  • Integration with Allegion NDE Series locks using WiFi
  • Access Group Journal feature which, when enabled, logs creation, deletion and modifications of Access Groups which can be viewed/printed from the Report Module.
  • Card Journal feature which, when enabled, logs when cards are created, deleted; when cards are activated/deactivated, when Access Groups or NDE Lock assignments are added-to or removed-from a card. This new level of logging can be viewed/printed from the Report Module (NOTE: changes made via an API, Block-Add or Data Import are not currently logged in this new journal)
  • PremiSys now fully supports SQL Server 2014
  • Muster Feature which uses Access Areas assigned to doors to determine last-known location of cardholders. This information can be viewed/printed from the Report Module
  • PremiSys is now based on Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5
  • PremiSys LT now supports badging. (NOTE: Requires purchase of a PremiSys ID Client license)
Resolved Issues
  • Modifying a time-zone assigned to a door which is part of a scheduled lock-unlock task results in the door unlocking/locking at an incorrect time. (reference:  D-01702)
  • Added missing "Action" column to the Print Journal Report (reference:  D-01782)
  • Clicking in the gray area surrounding the card designer caused PremiSys to close. (reference:  D-01865)
  • When searching for Cardholders in Navigator with any of the Last Access Granted fields, no results are displayed (reference:  D-01875)
  • When configuring a Global Action with the "Send SMTP Mail" action, clicking the "Test" button results in a user-interface error. (reference:  D-01883)
  • Mag stripe encoding does not work when printing cards to a printer with built-in encoder (reference:  D-01884)

Legal Notices

No Liability for Consequential Damages
In no event shall IDenticard Systems, or its suppliers, be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitations, damages for loss of business profits, interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the software, even if IDenticard Systems has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of consequential or incidental damages, the above limitations may not apply to you. 

Unauthorized Modification
Never add, alter or edit any of the system databases or their tables using software applications outside of the IDenticard program purchased, unless specifically instructed to do so by IDenticard Technical Support staff. Adding, deleting or modifying any data, fields, tables and/or databases in any way using Microsoft® SQL or any other third-party software application will adversely affect data integrity and can render the IDenticard program partially or wholly unusable. 

© 2009-18 Brady Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. 

IDenticard®, PremiSys™ and IDentiPASS™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Brady Worldwide, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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