What is the PremiSys ID mobile app?

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What is the PremiSys ID mobile app?

The PremiSys mobile app: A true mobile badging station

PremiSys ID Pro is a comprehensive identification management solution on its own, but the inclusion of our innovative mobile app takes PremiSys ID from great to amazing.

The PremiSys mobile app can be installed on a compatible tablet or smartphone. It allows users to take their installation of PremiSys ID Pro on the go. Features of the PremiSys mobile app include:

  • Mobile badge design: take a photo, enter cardholder data and print a badge to a networked printer
  • Manage parking lot security by storing license plate data
  • Create, edit or delete cardholder entries
  • Verify a cardholder's identity on the go by checking more than 50 data fields
  • Barcode scanning allows the user to check the authenticity of a card

Learn more about PremiSys ID Pro by visiting our PremiSys page. Should you purchase a license, we also offer training and support plans that will have you up and running in no time. 

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