Backup PremiSys 4.2 and Up with a Custom Password

Backup PremiSys 4.2 and up with a custom password

If you set a custom password to your backup file PDC IDenticard can not retrieve your password.

To back up the PremiSys system with a custom password:

  1. Go to Tools pull-down menu
  2. Select “Backup / Restore”
  3. Choose Backup radio button
  4. Click on “Browse” and browse to a location and enter a Destination file name
  5. Uncheck “No Password”
  6. Enter a Password in the Password field and Confirm Password field
  7. Click on “Backup” button

  1. Accept the warning if you want to use a non-default backup password.

  1. Once the backup finishes, you have an option to save the log file for reference. The log file is not necessary to restore the backup.
  2. Close the Backup Utility window

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