IDenticard® PremiSys™ v4.1

IDenticard security release for CVE-2019-3906 vulnerability

PremiSys v4.1 provides the patch to resolve the CVE-2019-3906 vulnerability identified by Tenable.


Make sure that you read and perform these pre-installation instructions prior to upgrading the PremiSys™ software.

Step 1: For access control users of Mercury hardware only. If you are using only PremiSys ID, go to Step 2.

A. Upgrade all firmware on Mercury hardware.  [View firmware upgrade instructions]

Controller firmware downloads:

LP 2500LP 1501LP 1502

EP 2500EP 1501 |  EP 1502

IO board firmware downloads:

LP MR52 | EP MR52

B. Review the OEM Code Statement. If the PremiSys access control system is using non-compliant Mercury hardware, you may be required to purchase OEM Code licenses.

Step 2: Confirm that the server and client workstations meet our current PC requirements for PremiSys. [View PC Requirements]

Step 3: Click here to request the PremiSys v4.1 download link to be sent to you via email.

Step 4: Questions? View FAQs

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