Setting up a PM half day vacation

Updated 2 years ago by James Potts

This allows the user to have a door lock for an afternoon holiday.

  • Go to Tasks>Hardware Configuration>Access Settings Tab>Holiday(s)
  • Right click on the Holiday(s) folder, choose Add Holiday.
  • Name the holiday. Choose the date. If there will be additional days after this PM holiday you can type in the number of days (Additional Day(s)).
  • Choose Holiday Type 2. Hit OK.
  • Go to Tasks>Hardware Configuration>Access Settings Tab>Time Zone(s)
  • Open the timezone that is currently applied to the door. You will probably see the first interval set to 9am to 5pm. When you go to the Interval tab edit that interval; you will see the days of the week checked for when the door(s) is to unlock.
  • Edit the second interval. Check the box to Enable the interval.
  • Set the Start Time for 9am. If the door(s) is to lock at noon for the PM half day vacation, set the End Time for 12pm. Check the box for Holiday Type 2. There is no need to select any Valid Days. A holiday type checked enables this interval regardless of which day of the week the holiday falls.
  • Hit OK.
  • Go to Tasks>Hardware Configuration>Hardware tab.
  • Right click on your controller and choose Edit.
  • Click on the Holiday tab.
  • Select the holiday created on the left under Available. Click Add to move the holiday to the Assigned side.
  • Click OK.
  • With the controller selected, click the Maintenance button at the top.
  • On the Maintenance window click Reset Controller.
  • Click OK. Click Close.
  • Right click on the controller and choose Download. Click Download.
  • Click Close when it has finished downloading.
  • If there is more than one controller that needs this holiday, repeat the steps that start with the “Go to tasks…” bullet above (bullet #10).

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