Software House Bridge with PremiSys quick reference.

Software House Bridge

***The Software House Bridge is not sold to add additional hardware*** This will replace the existing Software House hardware.  You cannot add addition hardware to expand the system. You would expand the system with OEM IDenticard Mercury Hardware.


IStarPro Is supported – IStarUltra is not supported

The enclosure is a Software House enclosure.

Mercury released hardware to retro-fit to replace software house hardware inside of a Software House Enclosure.

Software House hardware is exchanged in the enclosure for  Mercury MS-ICS, MS-ACS goes in SH hardware’s place

Pop connector of software house hardware put it on mercury hardware

***No connectors are sent with the replacement panels***

***Not sold to add additional Software House hardware***


MS-ICS replaces the controller

To wire additional Mercury boards to this MS-ICS board use P7 (485) port

MS-ACS is connected to the MS-ICS via ribbon cables. To connect additional boards such as input and output boards MS-R8S use the connector TB25 through TB32 using  485 communication. In the Premisys software select the entry TB25-32 to distinguish communication through this 485 port and not the ribbon cable as shown below:

Connecters TB32-25 pictured above. Wire MS-R8S or MSI8S to the connectors.

RC-AS represents the ribbon cable

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