Rack Armor Setup and Operations Videos

Rack Armor Setup and Operations

The following videos cover Rack Armor server protection software, powered by PremiSys version 2.15 and higher. Refer to: Rack Armor Software Setup Manual (PDF) & Cabinet Diagram. For marketing material, please contact your Access Regional Manager.

Rack Armor Software Configuration

PREM-RA-RACK1 site tree setup

Add the first Rack1 component set (Kit #1-CTLR / Kit #2-BRD) into the site tree.

Configure RACK1 cabinet

Associate front and back reader, relay and inputs to create a RACK1 cabinet icon.

Note: RACK1 cabinets have an RA-Kit1 installed on the front door and a RA-Kit2 installed on the back door.

PREM-RA-RACK2 site tree setup

Add up to seven additional Rack2 sets (Kit #2-BRD / Kit #2-BRD).

Notes: RACK2 cabinets have an RA-Kit2 installed on both the front and back doors.

Configure RACK2 cabinet

Associate front and back components to create a RACK2 cabinet icon.

Create access groups and download

Cabinet door readers are grouped into combinations of access groups. These groups are then assigned to cards to allow access to certain cabinets at certain times. Remember to download after editing hardware settings.

Map and indicator icon setup

Creating indicator icons for use on dynamic maps to monitor racks.

Alarm acknowledgment setup

Configuring rack events to require alarm acknowledgment.

Rack Armor Operation

Monitor and control Rack Armor

Understanding events, using maps, viewing details of server racks, and responding to alarms.

Run Rack Armor reports

Viewing Rack Armor usage reports and running history reports and cardholder access rights. Also, how to schedule reports to run automatically.

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