How to setup and configure OSDP readers in PremiSys.

How to setup and configure OSDP readers in Premisys.

The OSDP readers have dedicated wires to wire the reader OSDP. The reader will not work if it is wired for traditional wiegand wiring.

1.)    Login into PremiSys and open Tasks- Hardware Configuration.

2.)    Expand the Site tree to the controller where you want to configure the OSDP readers.

3.)    Click on Readers. Right-click and select edit on the reader you would like to configure.

4. In the reader configuration window. Select OSDP in the reader Type dropdown box. You can leave the OSDP properties set to the defaults: Baud Rate – Auto    OSDP Address – 0

Click Ok to close the window. Now issue a download for the controller.

****You will have to download the controller for the linking to work in the next steps****

5. You need to now configure the door and link the OSDP reader. Go to the Doors folder under your controller where the reader is located. Click the Doors folder and now right-click the Door on the right-hand side of the window and select edit.

6. On the reader tab at the bottom you will need to click link. This will marry the reader to the reader port. Note*** Once the reader is linked you cannot use the reader anywhere else.


This photo shows the linking process.

When the linking is complete you will see the Status: OSDP Secure Communication.

OSDP setup is complete you will continue to setup the reader like a traditional access control reader.

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