How to Setup and Configure the Additional Relay Option.

How to Setup Additional Relay Option.

Configuring the additional relay option.

This feature is only supported in PremiSys 4.6 or higher.

The additional relay option will allow you to configure and extra relay to fire from access granted on a door. This will save the time and hassle of setting up a trigger and procedure to fire an additional relay.

NOTE****The additional relay will use the next relay. If your door is set for relay one, the additional relay will become relay two. Systems that are are ready setup and configured the additional relay feature will change your relay configurations of the door(s) on that panel. You will have to reconfigure the relay for the second door on that panel.

Note**** You must be using a door position input, for the additional relay to work. The system needs to know the door status for the additional relay to work as intended.

Enable the additional relay:

1. Open the Hardware configuration window - Tasks - Hardware configuration.

2. Expand the Site tree out to the Door(s) folder underneath the controller.

3. Double-click the door you would like to add the additional relay. The door properties window opens, select the door tab.

You will notice the additional relay options highlighted in red below.

4. Click the additional relay checkbox to enable the additional relay. Configure any settings you would like for the additional relay. The options include:

  • Custom Pulse Time - Check the Custom Pulse time checkbox and enter in the seconds in increments of .01 up to 2 seconds.  Enter 1.2 for 1.2 seconds of pulse time.
  • Delay- Check the Delay checkbox for the additional relay to delay before the relay fires. Enter in the seconds in increments of .01 up to 6.3 seconds.
  • Ends pulse when strike pulse ends - This will end the pulse when the strike turns off.

5.  In this example I used the additional relay on the 1st door on a 2 reader board. Turning on the additional relay will associate the next relay K2 that was configured for the second door. I now have to go in and change my relay for door 2. I set my second door to use the 3rd relay K3. Keep in mind depending on what door you are using for the additional relay you may have to reconfigure the relays.

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