Configuring LDAP for PremiSys Logins

Updated 2 years ago by Marty

Configuring LDAP for PremiSys Logins

There are two options available to authenticate a user's logon profile in the PremiSys software:

· Application Level Authentication, which lets you assign usernames and passwords to all users in the software that work only to log on to PremiSys software. The software authenticates users via profiles set up and stored in the system database.

· Mixed Mode Authentication, which lets you choose a mix of logon methods for the system users. When the software is configured to authenticate users based on the "Mixed Mode Authentication" selection, the system can accommodate both users who are assigned PremiSys IDs and passwords and users who enter their regular network IDs and passwords to access the software. If all users use their network IDs and passwords in the mixed-mode system, a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) gateway validates the logon profile with the information stored in the network. 

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