How To Create Alarm Acknowledgement Triggers

To setup the trigger, you first need to create an Alarm Acknowledgement Priority then you can create the Alarm Acknowledgement Trigger afterwards.

To do this, go to Hardware Configuration > Access Settings.

Right-Click Alarm Acknowledgement Priority(s) and choose ‘Add Alarm Acknowledgement Priority’

Setting Up Alarm Acknowledgement Priorities

First name the Priority and give a description. Select the Priority Level. Bear in mind that this determines what priority the trigger itself will have. 

Alarm transactions are displayed in the Alarm Acknowledgment window first in the order of their priority, and then in the order of their occurrence.  Three Level 1 priority alarms from ten minutes previous are displayed by default in the Alarm Acknowledgment window above a Level 5 alarm that just occurred.  

Next, select your Flags. The flags specify how the Trigger itself will behave and what requirements are to be imposed on those who are tasked with handling the Alarm Acknowledgements.

You may also select a sound file to play when the trigger comes up by clicking on the “Sounds” tab, then clicking Add Sound to browse for a new sound file to play. Click Play to test the sound.

  • · If a custom sound is selected for the Alarm Acknowledgment Trigger, that sound is played.
  • · If you do not select a sound in the Alarm Acknowledgment Trigger, the sound selected in the Alarm Acknowledgment Priority is played.
  • · If you do not select a sound in the Alarm Acknowledgment Trigger or in the Alarm Acknowledgment Priority, your PC's default settings determine the sound that is played.

Setting Up Alarm Acknowledgement Triggers

Right-Click Alarm Acknowledgement Triggers and click ‘Add Alarm Acknowledgement Trigger’. The trigger is set up in the first tab much like a regular Trigger in PremiSys. You will need to name the trigger and provide a description.

Then set up the following items:

  •         Source Type
  •         Source Item
  •         Time Period
  •         Trans Type
  •         Trans Code
  •         Priority Level


On the Instructions tab, you can select an already created Alarm Acknowledgment Instruction for the trigger Source Type or you can add a new one by clicking on ‘Add New Instruction’.

On the ‘Sounds’ tab, you can add a sound to be played when the trigger goes off or you can simply use the one that has already been setup under the Alarm Acknowledgement Priority. Press OK once you are done.

You do not need to download to the controller(s), the alarm acknowledgment should fire and be visible from Tasks>Monitor/Control Hardware.

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