Licensing Identity One (Morpho Manager) in PremiSys

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Licensing Identity One (Morpho Manager) in Premisys.

***You will have to call Technical Support to activate the IdentityOne license.
M-F 8:30am – 7:00pm EST   1-800-220-8096
You must be on the server to activate the IdentityOne license.

1.       Login to the PremiSys server computer.

2.       Click Help on the toolbar, select License Upgrade.

3.       The License Management Window open up, select the Licensed Features tab.

4.       Highlight IdentityOne and click the Activate button.

5.       The License manager window will open up with Code 1 and Code 2. You will need to call IDenticard Technical Support in order to activate the license. Please have the original License ID you were emailed.

6.       Technical support will provide the code(s) Input the codes and click OK.

7.       Identity One is now licensed you will not see the fingerprint until the Morpho Server and Client software have been loaded.

Now that Identity One (Morpho Manager) is licensed it is suggested to setup Morpho Advanced Client Configuration. Click here for instructions.

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